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International collaboration is occurring all around us, and the Gomarus College believes it is important to prepare the students for their role as global citizens. The pupils will reside, study and work in a society which is profoundly internationally-oriented. The implementation of internationalisation in the tto program, an in a number of other schools in Gomarus College, offers positive results. Teachers give an account of improved social skills amongst their pupils, increased topic comprehension, better awareness of the partner countries and, of course, increased English proficiency. In addition, when combined with an exchange program, internationalisation boosts pupil confidence.

The exchange weeks contain activities and lessons to build upon teamwork, the English language, and intercultural skills. The focus of these lessons is based on the geography of the hosting country, its cultural and political history, and important national characteristics (i.e. the anthem, typical food).

At this moment, a young individual graduating from school has a good chance of studying, working or living in an international atmosphere. Students who get in touch with the international and intercultural community at a young age, through internationalisation at secondary schools, have a broader perspective and better chances on the international professional market.